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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Importance of Parental Involvement

Bernard Rimland : Founder of Autism Research Institute which pioneered many initiatives for Autism 

Catharine Maurice : Author -Let me hear your voice – mother of Anne- Mary and Michel[both children were successfully mainstreamed after intensive home based ABA  therapy]

Barry Kaufman  : Son Rise /Option Institute – Father of Raun Kaufman [who has totally recovered from Autism and speaks publicly -parents run The Option institute where they help hundreds of other children and families 

Jalaja and Narayan :Parents of Krishna Narayan [Non verbal -but has authured couple of books ..Ayurveda really helped him]

Soma Mukhopadhyay :Mother of Tito Rajarishi Mukhopadhyay [Non verbal - has authured several books ..Mother is founder of Rapid Prompt Method that helps persons with severe disabilities learn and communicate ]
Just a few examples out of many more where parents have made a huge contribution in the areas of  research for Autism and development of their own child or the building of resources. 

Every success story in Autism has a dedicated parent behind it.

Parents are and going to be the key differentiators in the arena of Autism – whether in the lives of  their own children or for the common cause of Autism. 

Why is parental involvement important? 

-Complex nature of the disorder

-Each child in the spectrum is different and has individual needs 

-Early detection of special talents and skills

-Number of approaches are available but careful design of the child’s intervention is required

-Shortage of trained professionals 

- Shortage of Schools/Intervention Centers

-Most cases need life long support and intervention – eventually parents may need to take over

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  1. Beautiful blog Akila. The depth of your experience, understanding and formal training will benefit many parents of children with autism.