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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfect Nature

The sky is a clear deep blue and as I walk along the stream this spring afternoon, I can feel something is different .The trees that were barren a week ago are now filled with tender green leaves. The dry barren earth is now alive again and the meadow in front of me is filled with purple wildflowers .The great painter has been at work again and I never cease to marvel at the perfection of HIS creations .He filled the bare canvas left behind by the harsh winter with quick efficient strokes of sheer magic and transformed it into a feast for the eyes.

 I walk a little faster to keep in pace with my son who is skipping ahead of me. I suddenly realize how well he blends into the picture- as perfect as a gazelle, grazing on the grass, or a swan gracefully gilding on the water, his body in gay abandon feeling the light breeze, his eyes filled with the glee of only one who can leave all care behind and be in the moment.

He has always been nature's child, the water, wind, open spaces and  hills never fail to thrill him .He can spend hours looking at the ripples on the lake or playing tag with the waves on a beach .He will joyfully climb any hill and run down the other side with equal mirth .At other times he will just lay down on the grass watch the clouds and birds for hours at a time .

However ,he is at once out of place in the world of human beings  .His happy run breaks the solemn ice wall between people  and crowds their space and his weird noises pierce through the carefully orchestrated silence of the social world. He looks as out of place as a frog on a lily pad and often it seems as though the world wishes he would just disappear as it sees no purpose to his existence.

For me though he has been a guiding angel. His pure forgiving heart  has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love - for even as I assault his very essence and try to divert it to more 'purposeful' activities he still loves me without a shred of hesitation .He has brought to me an awareness of the unlimited potential of the universe , which like him continues to give to us the life force even as we exploit its core .His compromised body continues to  be the fore-warner of the toxicity towards which the earth and the human race is spiraling .

As I struggle each day to give him a voice that will help him be heard and helped in the human world, I feel today that I can be at peace that he is indeed already a part of God's great plan. I can just let him be - for he is as perfect as his Creator meant him to be and his purpose is as clear as this beautiful spring afternoon that brings a new hope and a calm to my heart .

-Akila , mom to Nishant ,12
  April 2008

On this day , as we strive to build awareness about Autism, I wanted to share the awareness and joy that my son has brought to me .I hope the world will be able to accept our children as perfect beings  some day  and learn to help our children and in the process help themselves and the earth .


  1. Well said Akila.I share the same thoughts, we need to work continuously on this issue. Wish you all the best.
    I too have done a website on Aspergers.. will post you soon. Right now 85% is done.
    All the best.
    Kavita Sharma

  2. Interesting post and i appreciate your explanation.
    seo greece