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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 things you can start at home right away [not necessarily in order]

1. GFCF, sugar free diet

2. Massage you child with olive oil /Gingely oil everyday head to toe before his/her bath
   Gradually increase time and pressure if child does not like it.

3. Play soft classical music – instrumental in the background when the child is very anxious , ready to sleep etc .If you know to sing – do sing to you child in soft pitch and tone .

4. Set up a visual schedule for the child, keep telling him/her what is the next activity?

5. Also introduce a lot of choices for the child in terms of food, activity, persons, locations etc.

6. Take photos of things, people and places and try to teach the child to name these, later connect these to activities /verbs.

7. Use the child’s favorite things to induce him/her to comply /communicate /verbalize

8. Include a lot of park play, sand play, water play, messy play for the child – it will help with sensory issues .If child is not interested start with smaller quantities of time or substance.

9. Play lot of interactive games – tickle /roll, swing around etc and try to keep the child connected to you

10. Use a firm hand with a soft glove – be firm and consistent and show lots of love and understanding at the same time .Do not give in to tantrums.

Remember, it is tough on you but it is tougher on the child!! 

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