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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wake up in a new place,
My captors have tied up my arms legs and mouth,
But for some reason they have not blind folded me,
The night is pitch dark,
At first I can see almost nothing,
Then I lift up my head
In the distance I see a tiny light flash
And then die away
A firefly!

My heart ignites with hope
I move myself a little closer
To where the flash came from
I get a whiff of the fresh air from outside
I take a deep breath

As dawn breaks
A warm ray of hope
Filters into the place where I am
I hear the birds and insects
Welcome the day

Soon the place is filled with light
Even though I am trapped
And I do not know what lies in store for me
I will survive today
Because of this …………….window to the sky.

Today on World Autism Awareness day I want to share a message of hope and gratefulness. I want to thank each one of you , who have opened a “window” to my son’s sky and given us hope .I want to thank every person working for Autism , every parent , teacher , sibling , friend , every co-traveler in this journey .

As long as hope lives –  the possibilities are limitless .

Mother to Nishant
2, April 2010, World Autism Awareness Day. 

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